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Published May 24, 2016 16:50

There's less than a week left to sign up for Bike to Work Day! Bike Month is just around the corner - join us and thousands of other cyclists for this annual kick-off event. But don't stop there. Why not bike to work all year round? We've rounded up the five best reasons to bike to work every day - check it out! 


  • It's way cheaper than driving! Once you own a bike, maintaining it costs just $500 a year. 
  • It's a free gym membership. Imagine getting your daily 30 minutes of activity simply by commuting!
  • Goodbye, traffic jams! Bike lanes, multi-purpose trails, and side roads are your best friends when whizzing past car traffic.
  • Arrive at work refreshed and ready to go. Riding your bike fills your lungs with fresh air and clears your head, helping you take on your day. 
  • Bike parking is free! All you need is a good lock and you can lock your bike nearly anywhere. Your business or school may even have special facilities for you to keep your bike, or they may let you bring your bike into the building. 

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Published May 10, 2016 10:44

Don't let that flat tire stop you from riding to work this Bike to Work Day.

Whether you have a working bike or not you can participate in Bike Month if you live in a community with a bike share system! Bike share gives you a convenient solution for reaching your destination without the worry of storing your bike, having your bike being stolen or dealing with repairs and maintenance. The bikes are well designed for new riders and allow for easy one-way trips 24 hours a day.

Bike share is also a great option for people who need to get from transit stations to the front door of their office. For example, if you arrive to Union Station on a GO train or get off at a TTC station, you can grab a Bike Share Toronto bike for the last leg of your journey. Bike Share Toronto is also offering free extended time to participate in the Toronto Bike to Work Day Group Commute to Nathan Phillips Square from 6am-11am on May 30!

Riders in Hamilton can utilize the SoBi Hamilton system that spans across nearly 30 square kilometers of the lower city. The blue smart-bikes allow you to lock at one of the 115 hubs in the system or at any regular bike rack or post in the service area. Anyone riding a SoBi to the Hamilton City Hall event on Bike to Work Day will even get a $10 riding credit to sweeten the deal!

Both services offer short-term and long-term membership options and you can see how many bikes are available at any location in real time online, or on the free SoBi app if you're in Hamilton.

Give it a try and sign up today at sobihamilton.ca or bikesharetoronto.com


Published May 01, 2016 09:49

Our annual contest is now live! Sign up here to ride to school, work, or to a Bike Month event for your chance to win a Norco Indie 4 commuter bicycle. You'll get another contest entry for every person you recruit on email or social media through your page.


Published April 04, 2016 17:39

The snow is melting and the days are getting longer, which means that spring cycling season is just around the corner. We can’t wait for those long trail rides in the sunshine, arriving at work or school refreshed and ready to take on the day. To celebrate, we’ve rounded up the top five ways to get your ride ready for spring:

1) Tune up your ride

Before jumping on your bike this spring, make sure it fits you right, all the brakes and gears are still working properly, and that your tires are properly inflated. You can visit a do-it-yourself bike shop to tune up your bike yourself, or you can take it to a bike shop in your neighbourhood for a safety check and tune up. To find a bike shop near you, click "Where I Ride" in the toolbar above, choose your area, and go to "Tools and Resources" in the sidebar.

2) Show your ride some love

If you’ve been riding through the winter, give your bike the TLC it deserves! Wash the chain and parts with warm soapy water and a rag, and be sure to re-lube your chain afterwards. Tip: If you don’t have access to a hose or garage, you can visit a self-serve car wash and use theirs instead.

3) Safety first

When was the last time you replaced your helmet? Helmets become less effective the more they’ve been dropped or knocked around, so consider getting a new one in your favourite colour for spring!

The days are getting longer, but you still need to have bike lights between dusk and dawn. There are many options in a wide price range, and some are even rechargeable via a USB port.

4) Get the right gear

Spring weather can be lovely - most of the time! Dressing right for the weather will make your ride a lot more comfortable. Wear layers that you can add or remove as necessary. Investing in a rain jacket and pants will keep you warm and dry, and you can wear all your regular clothes underneath. Tip: If you don’t already wear glasses, a ... Read more


Published March 17, 2016 10:03

If you’re planning an event soon, why not hold it during Bike Month? Bike Month kicks off with Bike to Work Day on May 30 and continues until the end of June. The Bike Month website is home to every kind of cycling event, from art shows and scavenger hunts, to film nights, parades, bike rodeos, cupcake rides, and oh so many more. The online calendar is open for submissions on April 1st and you can post cycling related events that occur between May 1 and June 30.

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Bike Month 2016 kicks off on Monday, May 30 and continues until the end of June with hundreds of interesting and fun things to do, including rides, guided bike tours, festivals, art shows, film screenings, and so much more.

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