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Martin Collier

Wheeling Through Toronto & Beyond - with Albert Koehl

Cities around the world are discovering the value of the bicycle not only as an option to fight traffic congestion, but as a key part of the solution to the climate crisis, poor fitness levels, and challenges of affordability. It turns out that this "discovery" is not actually new. During this webinar, lawyer and author Albert Koehl will discuss his new book Wheeling Through Toronto and take us on a 130-year ride through history to show that Toronto (like many other cities) enthusiastically embraced the bicycle – alongside mass transit and walking – long before road space was handed over to motorists. Albert will help us learn from the past so we can chart a more hopeful course forward – one that many cities are already taking, albeit slowly and often reluctantly.

Register at the above link to take advantage of early bird rates until May 31 -- and receive an extra 20% discount using promo code BMTF8. Then bring your perspectives as we discuss where the bicycle belongs in a multi-modal transportation network. You may even win a free copy of Albert's book!

Address: 401 Richmond St, Office 215, Toronto, ON M5V 3A8