May 27 - June 30


Urbane Adventure Club presents: Bike Touring Basics

A workshop/ discussion for individuals interested in getting started traveling by bike! Learn how to plan routes, perfect your setup and carry your gear! Drop ins Welcome
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Clinic / Workshop
Thursday, June 27 at 7:15 pm - Thursday, June 27 at 10:00 pm
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Any bike can be a touring bike but there are a couple guidelines to follow to be sure you choose what’s best! Where are you riding and what are you bringing? Carefully planning what you bring and how you attach it to your bike will make or break you next trip. We will discuss fitting guidelines and go over what separates different styles of bikes and how they can be beneficial for your future adventures!

If you want to start riding longer distances, you’ll need to carry gear on your bike, like food, water, extra clothing, sunscreen, some tools, maybe even things to sleep on or in. Depending on how much you have to take with you, there are lots of ways to carry things on your bike. These include baskets, racks, pannier bags, frame bags, backpacks or even trailers. We’ll cover different options for equipping your bike to carry the things you’ll need on both short and long trips.

Learn what equipment you need while you push your boundaries further! We will introduce what basic repairs you should know how to do and what tools you would need to make those repairs; what you should do before you leave, emergency repairs and what spare parts you should consider taking will be discussed.

While riding your bike, the last thing you want to have interrupt you is a mechanical failure, be it a flat tire, broken spoke, or even a full blown wheel taco! But if you have the right tools, you can take care of many potential problems. We’ll cover the necessary tools to and how to use them. Everything from allen keys and tire levers, to spoke wrenches, kevlar spokes, tire boots and chain breakers!

Camping while on the road frees up how and where you can stop and rest. Camping gives a touring cyclist an unparalleled level of freedom to explore and get in touch with the area you are visiting. We will go over different considerations for gear and our favourite camping systems which including sleeping setups, shelter styles, cooking, cleaning and most importantly packing styles.

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