May 27 - June 30


Reporting Survey

Congratulations to all students, teachers, parents and volunteers who participated in Bike to School Week! Now it’s time to share your story. Please complete this reporting survey by Friday June 14, 2019. Schools completing this survey by this date will receive a Certificate of Participation for Bike to School Week, and will be eligible for other prizes and incentives offered in their respective regions.

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(Note: this field accepts a numeric answer ONLY.)

(Note: this field accepts a numeric answer ONLY.)

(Example: on Monday, 15 students rode to school. The number increased by five each day for a total of 15+20+25+30+35 = 125 trips. If you used the Trip Tracking Poster you may count the stickers placed on it to estimate the number of trips.) (Note: this field accepts a numeric answer ONLY. If you are unable to estimate the number of bike trips TO school during this week, please leave the field blank.)

(Note: this field accepts a numeric answer ONLY.)

* Please rate the following tools, resources and incentives offered as part of this year’s Bike to School Week campaign.

Thank you for your participation!

Schools registered to date

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Coming May 1, take the Bike Month pledge!

Pledge to ride to school or work on Bike to Work Day, Monday May 27 and/or throughout June for a chance to win one of three trips for two courtesy of VIA Rail (to Quebec City, Montreal or Ottawa) or a weekend getaway courtesy of Welcome Cyclists. Contest closes June 18.