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Abuzar Chaudhary
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Anti-Colonial Body Pride: Queer & Trans Clothing-optional Walk and Bike Ride

This event has already taken place.

A Celebration of Resistance and a Demonstration Challenging the Violence and Oppression Inflicted on Human Bodies.

Body Pride is a demonstration of strength and unity. Every human body is valuable and beautiful, at every age, in every size and shape, and of every race and ability. No one is disposable.

Body Pride is also a challenge to the escalating attacks against our bodies. Examples of body hatred and policing are everywhere: Objectification and sexualisation of our bodies, policing of what we wear or breastfeeding in public, physical and sexual violence, attacks on homeless people and reproductive autonomy, hatred against indigenous, black, desi, asian, people of colour, and disabled bodies, missing and murdered indigenous women, kidnappings and murders by religious extremists, police brutality and unjust incarceration.

This year, because of the escalation of colonial forever-wars against Congo, Sudan, Palestine, and many other racialised people, we invite folks to bring messaging that calls attention to these colonial atrocities and genocides.

For more information, please see our website and social media:
Body Pride Toronto: https://www.instagram.com/body_pride_toronto
World Naked Bike Ride Toronto: https://www.instagram.com/wnbr_toronto
QTCASE: https://www.instagram.com/qt_case

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